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Your sensitive skin may be annoying, but we’re not.
We share all things health, allergies and wellness to provide
support to those who constantly bicker with their immune system.

For dramatic skin

for dramatic skin.

Does your skin need to take a chill-pill and stop overreacting to every little problem? At Yours Only® we consider both your immune system and skin so we can avoid tantrums of any kind. They’re just plain annoying.

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A clean regime for dramatic skin.

Meet the Yours Only® Body range. Crafted with ingredients to nourish and protect your sensitive skin, with no added salicylates, biogenic amines, gluten, nuts, soy, fragrance, parabens, silicons, triclosan, mineral oils, petrolatum, sulfates, colourants and animal-derived products. Made in Australia, dermatologically tested and not tested on animals. In other words, the triple threat.

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Whole system skincare
with nothing to hide

Yours Only® was founded by an Aussie who was hit with the allergy stick. Ashli’s been living with Hashimoto’s disease for seven years, and dealing with a lifetime of pesky allergies and intolerances. After discovering she had a food chemical intolerance (on top of everything else), she was forced to remove all salicylates and amines from her diet, beauty regime and cleaning products. And now we’re here.

The only non medicated cream I’ve tried that hasn’t flared up my Psoriasis, but actually taken away the dry “itch”. Game changer for sensitive skin.
- Kirsty five-star
I’m super fussy about the ingredients I put on my body so having a product that is simple, fragrance free and still lathers up for a luxe feeling is such a relief. It helps that the packaging is super cute too.
- Natalie five-star
I have eczema and acne prone skin so am fairly fussy with what I put on my skin, but this product made the cut! I didn’t experience and flare ups and I found it really calming on my skin. 100% recommend, sensitive skin or non-sensitive!
- Molly five-star

Health Hub

Painful stomach aches for no reason? Puffy skin and hives after eating fruit? We share stories with helpful tips and speak to the professionals to answer all those hypersensitive questions you don’t have the balls to ask.

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Kate James – How you can change your thinking, to improve your quality of life.
When you know your values, it helps reframe how you think about specific moments in life, to bring stress-free, happy thoughts.
Allergy Proof
Sophie Ferguson – Why is it so bloody hard to get answers to your gut issues?
When it comes to your gut health, it’s so hard to know which specialist to see first, and Soph tells us why.
Allergy Proof
Mel Greig – How do you recover from Endometriosis surgery?
It takes on average four weeks to recover from endometriosis surgery. Not ideal for any woman, if you ask us. 
Allergy Proof
Emily Doherty – Does coeliac disease and endometriosis control your life or do you control it?
Coeliac disease affects 1 in 70 Australians and 80% of people don’t know they have it. Ouch. 
Allergy Proof
Caroline Groth – Overcoming an eating disorder and healing the gut
It’s a gene you develop over what you have been through. 
Allergy Proof
Skinimalism has stepped into 2021, and we’re here for it
It’s the movement for skin too high-maintenance for 8-step routines. Let’s skip face oil, and switch to moisturiser.
Yours Only
It’s time to break up with added fragrance.
No sneezes, puffy faces, itchy skin, please.
Yours Only
Claire Aristides – Does stress manifest health issues?
Claire was a perfectly healthy woman, until she underwent the stress of losing her Dad, and working an extremely busy and stressful job. Then, Hashimoto’s disease was diagnosed. 
Allergy Proof
Mel Mitchell – The struggles of falling pregnant as a busy women with an autoimmune disease
We never hear about women on their journey to fall pregnant. We always hear the success stories. This is a story to help you know you’re not alone if you’re struggling to conceive.   
Allergy Proof
Millie Padula – How to get glowing skin from an accredited Dietician
Glowing skin isn’t just about skincare, it’s diet too.  
Allergy Proof
Rachel Simpson – How life changing is being diagnosed with coeliac disease?
From eating pasta in Italy with no health issues at all, to one month later going through a stressful time in her life, Rachel was diagnosed with coeliac disease. 
Allergy Proof
Vanessa Hutchinson – How to turn your pain point into a business
After suffering from her own gut issues, and discovering she needed to be on a low FODMAP diet, Vanessa started Fodbods, FODMAP friendly snack options for busy people. 
Allergy Proof
Yours Only
Bec Mitchell – How self-care can reduce symptoms
Bec Mitchell is another human who experienced growing up with allergies and intolerances, and jumped from specialist to specialist to get to the bottom of her symptoms. Now she knows what are her food triggers and completely understands the connection between mental health and gut symptoms. 
Allergy Proof
Monica Gingold – Killing it at your job with a secret chronic illness
Monica Gingold is one of Australia’s leading hair and make up artists, who has been suffering from chronic fatigue since she was a teenager. This is the fist time she has spoken about it publicly.  
Allergy Proof
Chloe Mcleod – Food chemical intolerance with an Accredited Dietician
Chloe Mcleod is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Advanced Sports Dietitian, who is our founder, Ashli’s dietician. 
Allergy Proof
Meet Ashli Templer, the host of Allergy Proof® and founder of Yours Only®
For the first ever episode of Allergy Proof™, our founder Ashli Templer invited her friend Alyce Greer to interview her. 
Allergy Proof
CLEAN: One product, three uses.
Uncomplicate your skincare routine with a three-in-one cleanser for your face, body and hair, made for those with hypersensitive skin.
Yours Only
Switch to a low chemical life.
Introduce our founders low chemical routines into your life – it could be the best thing you’ll do for your body.
Why parabens and sulfates are bad for you.
Despite most allergy-friendly brands using these two nasty ingredients, they have a long list of serious side-effects you should know about.

We donate to allergy research

Recyclable packaging

Cruelty free

Dermatologically tested

No added parabens, sulfates or salicylates

Made in Australia

Allergy Proof®

A podcast dedicated to helping hard working women with health issues get through life. Listen and subscribe to be part of our community.