Anthea – Dermatitis (FWDS)
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Anthea – Dermatitis (FWDS)

You’ve already meet Anthea when we interviewed her on our podcast Allergy Proof. If not, meet another member of our community with dramatic skin. Since we became friends, we’ve learnt a lot about her experience with fibromyalgia, dermatitis flare ups, and how to live a happy and balanced life.

We sat down and asked Anthea about her experience with dramatic skin and embracing self love.

What is your current job?

My passion is helping to educate people on how to move their bodies in the best possible way. I’ve been lucky enough to channel that into a career as a Pilates instructor and a high school sports coach. I love teaching Pilates, it’s a true passion of mine. However I also love being apart of educating kids in such a developing period of their lives.

Tell us your skin and health story.

In 2019 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, which had a massive impact on my physical and mental health. Not long after, I developed dermatitis around both of my eyes and my skin became insanely sensitive to most things. I feel within the last 3-4 years, my body has changed dramatically mainly due to hormone imbalances and getting to know my bodies new needs. This included changing my approach to what I thought health and fitness was, changing from completing 3-4 HIIT sessions, 2 weight sessions, boxing and pilates all within one week … to 1-2 pilates sessions, 1-3 weight sessions and daily walks. 

“I feel within the last 3-4 years, my body has changed dramatically mainly due to hormone imbalances and getting to know my bodies new needs

Where’s your skin at right now?

To this day, my skin is still extremely temperamental. After deciding to come off the pill, my skin spiralled into chaos. Since working to balance my hormones my skin has calmed down but I still experience acne and blemishes, along with my dermatitis especially when I’m stressed. 

Has your dramatic skin made you a better person? How?

Absolutely! My dramatic skin, although mentally draining at times, has helped me shift my personal priorities. Instead of focusing on how I look, I really had to focus on how I feel. My dramatic skin used to embarrass me, now I wear it with pride. No point hiding the imperfections, no one’s perfect after all.

Most dramatic skin moment?

God, there’s so many! But I’d have to say my first ever major flare up. Waking up on the morning of my 24th birthday with swollen, puffy eyes when I knew I was meant to be meeting a group of friends within hours. I was heartbroken and so embarrassed. I woke up at 5:30am and started icing my eyes to bring it down and ended up crying in the bathrooms that night because I was convinced everyone was looking at my skin. It was hard to experience, but I think it really helped me shift my focus when I realised… I was the only one who really noticed.

What do you love most about your skin? 

I love it’s softness, even when I have flare ups and my skin then gets dry and flakes around my eyes. The rest of my skin always stays so soft, thanks to my lifesaving moisturiser of course.

What affirmations would you choose to help other dramatic skin friends?

I am more than my appearance.

I am more than enough. 

I am confident in who I am, I am confident in what I have to offer this world, I am confident in my abilities and purpose.

My energy is my greatest currency.

My body hears everything my mind says, so I am always kind. 

What’s your current skincare routine?

I clean my skin everyday, sometimes twice a day with CLEAN. It’s the only face wash I use that doesn’t irritate and dry out my skin. I then follow that with a hydrating serum, retinol oil and finally with coat around my eyes and eyelids. Again, it’s the moisturiser that has honestly saved my skin, when I feel a flare up coming on … I lather that stuff on my eyes before bed.