Friends with Dramatic Skin (FWDS)
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Friends with Dramatic Skin (FWDS)

Join our community of people who know what it’s like to deal with skin tantrums and annoying health stuff.

Hello, welcome. There’s a reason why you’re here, isn’t there? You’ve probably spent a lot of time Googling why your rash showed up out of nowhere, how to stop the itch and why YOU out of all people feel so shitty, and your friend who doesn’t look after themselves feels fine. We get it. We’ve been there too.

There’s nothing worse than feeling alone and isolated during a flare-up, especially when your doctor just puts it down to stress. Our founder, Ashli has been through it all, and although she is feeling SO much better than she was three years ago, she is still on a journey to improving her health. She gets asked daily what she eats, what products she uses, how to travel with allergies (and so much more), so she thought it was time to create a Facebook group so she could share her experience with the Yours Only community. She’s already made new friends through the community – including the faces of our current campaign, Kirsty, Anthea + Noni, and just from hearing their stories about psoriasis, fibromyalgia, eczema, psoriasis, and post natal depression, she’s learned so much about new topics.

“My dramatic skin, although mentally draining at times, has helped me shift my personal priorities. Instead of focusing on how I look, I really had to focus on how I feel. My dramatic skin used to embarrass me, now I wear it with pride. No point hiding the imperfections, no one’s perfect after all.” – Anthea

What can you expect in our Facebook group?
Here you’ll have access to like-minded people, health tips, additional content from our founder Ashli, product development input, plus sneak peeks of campaign and product launches.

How to make the most of our group?

– If you’re comfortable, be open and honest about your own health journey to share with others. It’s a safe space here.

– If you’re unsure how to tackle your own health battle whether it be an itchy rash, a recent diagnosis, ask questions. You never know what other people could share with you

– If you’re in need of products, let’s talk about it – the Yours Only range is developed for our community

– If you’re looking for people to connect with, let’s all become  friends and share new things we see and learn

Additional perks?

– Early access to our product launches

– Input to new products

– Trials of new product development

– Access to our founder


So, it’s time. Join Friends with Dramatic Skin (FWDS) here.