Introducing BALM
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Introducing BALM

After 14 months of development, our most requested product has arrived.

Meet our third child, BALM. After our founder, Ashli first experienced perioral dermatitis from mask-wearing, the weather, and using the wrong products, she decided to develop an all-in-one BALM. She couldn’t find anything to help soothe her cracked, bleeding lips, so put it to the Yours Only community to gain some insight into what they want in a balm. The result? Aussie made, vegan, sustainable, free of honey, mint, and made without everything CLEAN + COAT is.

BALM is a quenching balm for the face + body that soothes chapped lips, dry patches, and other dramas. Developed to be super nourishing and matte — not shiny or sticky — coz glossy lips, hair and wind is never fun.

There’s quite a bit involved in developing a product. We wanted to create something sustainable, vegan, and suitable for all types of dramatic skin. From August 2020 to Feb 2022, we’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs (lots). Here’s our process of bringing you a BALM for your face, lips + body.

August 2020: 

★ Ash got severe perioral dermatitis from mask-wearing + using the wrong products

★ We asked our followers for what they’re looking for in a balm

September 2020: 

★ Started our sustainable packaging research project

★ Continued to research + build on our brief for the chemist

October 2020:

★ Briefed our design team on packing (tube + mail outs)

November 2020

★ Officially briefed in chemist

★ Contacted multiple tube suppliers (geez, it was rough)

December 2020: 

★ Approved mail out designs

★ Briefed our packaging team on our mail outs

Feb 2021: 

★ Received first BALM sample

★ Made a few tweaks to the sample, got other options and then went back + forth to the original formulation

June 2021: 

★ Ran tests to check for salicylates in BALM – none were dedicated

July 2021:

★ Ordered first sugarcane bioplastic BALM tube samples

August 2021: 

★ Applied for Vegan Australia certificate

★ Started Stability reports for the formulation (heat stability, cold stability + Freeze Thaw Test)

★ Received mail out packaging

September 2021:

★ Got approval for Vegan Australia certificate

★ Ran dermatologically testing on 50 sensitive humans

★ Officially ordered the BALM tubes and caps

★ Ran packaging compatibility testing with our production team

October 2021: 

★ Placed production order for a January tube fill

★ Reordered the hemp bags as we had to increase the size of the tube + the previous pouches didn’t fit (ouch $$$)

November: 2021: 

★ Got the final dermatologically testing approval report

★ Got all stability testing approval reports

December 2021: 

★ Waiting impatiently for our tubes to arrive, but didn’t #covid

Jan 2022: 

★ Tubes finally arrived

★ LOTS of planning!

★ FINALLY went into production

Feb 2022: 


What you can expect from BALM: 

  •  Formulated for sensitive skin
  • Helps soothe small patches of psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and other dramas
  •  Developed based on our customers needs and recommendations
  •  Can be used on the lips, face and body
  •  Suitable for babies, through to adults
  •  Tubes are made from 100% sugarcane bioplastic
  •  Comes in a 100% hemp Yours Only pouch
  •  Dermatologically tested on hypersensitive humans, not animals
  •  By choosing BALM, you donate to allergy research at the RPAH
  •  Vegan Australia certified
  •  Suitable for those on a low food chemical diet
  •  No added parabens or sulfates
  •  Australian made