Kirsty – Psoriasis (FWDS)
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Kirsty – Psoriasis (FWDS)

Kirsty’s always had sensitive skin and allergies, yet when she fell pregnant in 2019 she started to see itchy spots pop up everywhere. Hello psoriasis.

After Kirsty’s own experience with psoriasis and post natal depression, her passion is raising awareness around mental health to help women who don’t know where to look or start. We sat down and asked Kirsty about her experience with dramatic skin and voicing the importance of mental health.

What is your current job?
I’m a mum of two beautiful girls working in medical admin part time. My passion to move into next is in mental health focussing on the post natal depression, birth trauma area. To help women who don’t know where to look or start when they are their most vulnerable self.

Tell us your skin and health story.
I’ve always had sensitive skin, allergies to certain grasses and hayfever. When I fell pregnant in 2019 I was convinced I had ringworm. I had scaly red itchy spots appearing. After some research and a trip to the doctors I was diagnosed with psoriasis. They had told me that due to the hormones in my body it was a trauma event that brought it out.

Funnily enough when I gave birth within 2 days my bad spots disappeared. It wasn’t until I fell pregnant with our 2021 baby that it came back, and has stayed since.

“Stress and being over tired is a big trigger of mine. Which with 2 babies under 2 is near impossible to avoid.

Where’s your skin at right now?
As I write this, I’m in a good place. However tomorrow that could change. I’m not as onto my diet as well as I should be but it’s a big plan for 2022. To look after me a little more. The past 6 weeks I have developed a few new spots on both both knees which hadn’t been there before and have been so itchy in this warm Melbourne weather. I have however discovered some spots on my scalp so I’m hanging for the YO conditioner.

Has your dramatic skin made you a better person? How?
It’s made me really sympathetic to people with conditions you might not be able to see. Previously I may have seen someone and starred if they had something different to the norm. It’s also really opened my eyes to how much gut health plays a part in our life. Working on the inside to help the outside get better.

Most dramatic skin moment?
I use to play lawn bowls, and found out the hard way I was allergic to a type of grass seed. It was right before our high school formal and I broke out in a full body and face rash.

What do you love most about your skin? 
I love what it can do. How far it can stretch. All the spots, stretch marks, scars all tell a story and serve a memory.

What affirmations would you choose to help other dramatic skin friends?

Be kind to yourself

Ask for help

Tomorrow is a new day

You’re enough

Beauty starts from the inside

What’s your current skincare routine?
Currently all I am using is YO CLEAN as a face and body wash and shampoo, then following with Yours Only COAT. After my morning shower and cleanse I’ll apply coat followed by a SPF 50 sunscreen. I haven’t been wearing make up for a while now and it’s truly helped clear my face.