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Episode 17: Claire Aristides – Does stress manifest health issues?
Claire was a perfectly healthy woman, until she underwent the stress of losing her Dad, and working an extremely busy and stressful job. Then, Hashimoto’s disease was diagnosed. 
Allergy Proof
Episode 15: Mel Mitchell – The struggles of falling pregnant as a busy women with an autoimmune disease
We never hear about women on their journey to fall pregnant. We always hear the success stories. This is a story to help you know you’re not alone if you’re struggling to conceive.   
Allergy Proof
Episode 13: Millie Padula – How to get glowing skin from an accredited Dietician
Glowing skin isn’t just about skincare, it’s diet too.  
Allergy Proof
Episode 11: Rachel Simpson – How life changing is being diagnosed with coeliac disease?
From eating pasta in Italy with no health issues at all, to one month later going through a stressful time in her life, Rachel was diagnosed with coeliac disease. 
Allergy Proof
Episode 7: Vanessa Hutchinson – How to turn your pain point into a business
After suffering from her own gut issues, and discovering she needed to be on a low FODMAP diet, Vanessa started Fodbods, FODMAP friendly snack options for busy people. 
Allergy Proof
Episode 5: Bec Mitchell – How self-care can reduce symptoms
Bec Mitchell is another human who experienced growing up with allergies and intolerances, and jumped from specialist to specialist to get to the bottom of her symptoms. Now she knows what are her food triggers and completely understands the connection between mental health and gut symptoms. 
Allergy Proof
Episode 3: Monica Gingold – Killing it at your job with a secret chronic illness
Monica Gingold is one of Australia’s leading hair and make up artists, who has been suffering from chronic fatigue since she was a teenager. This is the fist time she has spoken about it publicly.  
Allergy Proof
Episode 2: Chloe Mcleod – Food chemical intolerance with an Accredited Dietician
Chloe Mcleod is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Advanced Sports Dietitian, who is our founder, Ashli’s dietician. 
Allergy Proof
Episode 1: Meet Ashli Templer, the host of Allergy Proof™
For the first ever episode of Allergy Proof™, our founder Ashli Templer invited her friend Alyce Greer to interview her. 
Allergy Proof