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What do you offer?

We offer whole system skincare; formulated products that are safe for the skin and the body, dressed in packaging you can’t find at the local pharmacy. But it’s much more than that. It’s a community of people that know what it’s like to deal with health issues — inside and out.

Who founded Yours Only?
A very allergy prone human named Ashli Templer. She spent 20 months creating a brand that not only caters to her allergies, but helps other sensitive humans have better choices.

When is the Yours Only team online?
We’re online between 9:00AM-5:30PM AEST/AEDT. You can always try catching us on our Instagram as we spend a lot of our spare time there.

How can I contact you?
We’re 100% digital based so you won’t be able to pick up the phone to call us. Don’t fret though, you can always email us at info@yoursonly.co.

How do I track my order?
We use Australia Post for orders within Australia who are so efficient they send email updates directly to you. You can always track your order below using the tracking number we send you once we ship out your order.

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How long will my order take to arrive in Australia?
Shipping dates are estimates based on the information provided by Australia Post, which you can see here.

How long will my order take to arrive if I am overseas? We have moved to DHL Express for quicker international deliveries. They’re currently running with the below delivery timings:

Australia to New Zealand: 1-2 business days

Australia to USA, Canada, and Mexico: 3-5 days

Australia to EU and the UK:3-5 days

Note: Due to COVID-19 we may experience processing or delivery delays.

Can I change or cancel my order after I’ve placed it?
Please email us at info@yoursonly.co as soon as you can and we’ll see what we can do. If the product has already been sent out, unfortunately we won’t be able to cancel your order.

What payment methods does yoursonly.co accept?
Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.

Can I try and buy Yours Only in any shops?
At the moment we are 100% virtual, but we do have big plans to sit on shelves in Aus at some point. Watch this space.

Will you ship to me internationally?
We sure do. We now ship worldwide. Shipping is based on DHL Express’ direct fees and is stated in Australian currency on the website. We’d recommend using a currency converter to check your local cost before clicking purchase.

Will you give out my details to third parties?
Nope. Never, never, never.

Can I buy Yours Only as a gift for someone?
What a good human you are. You sure can! When filling in your details, ensure you put in their address (not yours, even though it’s tempting).

What’a the fine print for the 10% off when I sign up to your newsletter?
Not much. You just can’t use the code in conjunction with another offer, and you have to use the code within the calendar month of receiving it.

Can I return my Yours Only purchase?
Any Yours Only product purchase can be refunded if it is returned within 30 days of purchase. When returning the item, it must be unused and in the same condition as you received it. We do not offer refunds on opened or used products and we do not offer exchanges.

Email us at info@yoursonly.co within that time with your order number if you are not satisfied with your purchase so we can resolve any issues. We do offer a 30 day money back guarantee if it doesn’t work for your skin – more info here.

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer and are non-refundable. We recommend you return your product/s via Registered Post with insurance and pre pay all fees. Yours Only will not be responsible for parcels lost or damaged in transit if you choose not to insure.

Please send your order back to:
Yours Only
80 Stephenson St, Cremorne,
VIC, 3121

We will notify you once we receive and approve your return. The refund will be processed to the original method of payment.

I am allergic to everything! Is Yours Only made for people with sensitive skin like me?
Your Only was founded by Ashli Templer, an Aussie who is allergic to well, a lot. We have tried to tackle most allergens, which is why we don’t add salicylates, biogenic amines, gluten, nuts, soy, fragrance, parabens, silicons, triclosan, mineral oils, petrolatum, sulfates, colourants and animal-derived products to CLEAN + COAT. Our products have been dermatologically tested on sensitive humans too.

We always recommend doing a patch test on an unseen area before using Yours Only products, just to be safe.

Can you use CLEAN and COAT on your face?

Yes, it’s so gentle, it can be used (almost everywhere). CLEAN is also a great shampoo.

Why are your products fragrance free?
Well, fragrances have a reputation for making us smell good, but they’re actually not that great for us. That’s because fragrances are swimming with major irritants. If you have sensitive or allergy-prone skin, some mild fragrances might be tolerated, while others will cause all sorts of rashy flare-ups and headaches. It’s best we leave them out.

Do the cleansers, errr, clean?
They do better than clean. They clean, refresh, protect, soothe and hydrate the skin. Our products have as much — if not more — power than your regular soaps and moisturisers. Why? We’ve excluded ingredients that strip and irritate the skin and added soothing ones that nourish and protect.

I have dry to offensively dry skin. Is COAT suitable for me?
Yes. In fact, you’re the ideal candidate. COAT is dedicated to people that suffer from sensitive skin, so we’ve made sure it’s the perfect balance of consistency, hydration and longevity. In other words, the triple threat.

I have a food chemical intolerance. Can I use your products?
We were MADE for you. We’ve even had dieticians give our ingredients a tick of approval.

Will Yours Only calm my eczema?
Yours Only products are not medicated so we can’t guarantee our products will reduce your eczema. None of our products contain ingredients that will flare up your eczema BUT everyone reacts differently so we can’t claim this 100%. We recommend applying COAT twice daily for nourished and hydrated skin.

Can I use Yours Only products if I am pregnant?
Our products don’t contain any of the ingredients you need to worry about when pregnant ie. retinoids, retinol and BHAs (salicylic acid). We recommend consulting your doctor before using any of our products.

I am allergic to preservatives. Are you free of these?
Every skincare product must have some sort of preservative to ensure fungus, mould, yeast, bacteria and other microbes don’t grow in your products. We have used the smallest and safest amounts possible to ensure your sensitive system doesn’t get affected.

Is Yours Only tested on animals?
Absolutely not. Just sensitive humans.

Does Yours Only contain palm oil?
We ONLY use ingredients that are RSPO certified.

Are your ingredients 100% natural?
As sensitive humans, a lot of natural ingredients irritate our skin. We have a nice blend of natural and very, very safe synthetic ingredients to ensure we have products that perform and don’t give us a nasty rash.

Where are Yours Only products made?
Right here, in our home town of Melbourne, Australia.

Who makes the Yours Only products?
That’s our little secret. We can tell you they’re a privately owned company that knows their sh*t when it comes to developing amazing and safe products for sensitive humans like us.

What is the expiry on Yours Only products?
If you dare to leave them on your shelf unopened, 36 months. As soon as you start using CLEAN or COAT, use them up in 12 months.

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?
We are passionate about creating a sustainable future. Our bottles are made from HDPE, meaning they’re recyclable. Our (very pretty) mailing boxes and all the fancy things that come in the box are all 100% recyclable, too.

Are your products dermatologically tested?
Yes, yes yes. We tested our products on Aussie hypersensitive humans through a thorough RIPT process.

Does Yours Only contain parabens and sulfates?
Our founder struggled to find products that worked for her which were free of parabens and sulfates. We know they’re hormone disrupters, which is why we don’t add them to any of our products.

What allergens do you cater for?
We don’t add salicylates, biogenic amines, gluten, nuts, soy, fragrance, parabens, silicons, triclosan, mineral oils, petrolatum, sulfates, colourants and animal-derived products.

How can I get in touch for a media opportunity/ press enquiry?
Please shoot an email to info@yoursonly.co.

How can I connect with you?
We love connecting with other sensitive humans. You can follow us on both Facebook and Instagram @yoursonlyco.

How can I get on the Allergy Proof podcast™?
Well, you have to fit the criteria of being a sensitive human or specialist, but we’re all ears! Email us at info@yoursonly.co.

How do I know that $ from my purchase is going towards allergy research?
We’re 110% dedicated to finding a brighter future for us allergy-prone humans so we can guarantee we will be donating 50c from every purchase to RPAH. See more about this HERE.

Why allergy research?
We created this brand for sensitive humans so it only felt right to donate to a company that conducts regular research to improve our lives. Our founder has a food chemical intolerance and the team at RPAH founded the RPAH Elimination diet, which as soon as she discovered it, changed her life.

If we didn’t answer your question, you can drop us a line at info@yoursonly.co.