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Subscription service

We now offer a subscription service for those wanting a top-up every 1, 2, 3, or 6 months. The more frequent your order, the higher the discount offering:

Every month: 14%

Every second month: 13%

Every third month: 12%

Every fourth month: 11%

Every six months: 10%

How do I access my subscription details?

Log into your account, then click ‘subscriptions’ — you will see all of your details there.

What payment methods do you accept for subscriptions?

We only offer credit card payments through Stripe for this service. PayPal and AfterPay don’t like subscriptions.

Can I change the products in my subscription program at any time?

If you want to add a new product or change your delivery schedule, click “edit subscription”. This will take you back to the product page, where you select your new subscription preference. Then when you’re back at the cart, tick the box that says “Add your cart to an existing subscription”.

Can I push back the date of my subscription?

Yep, you can do this in your account too. If you need help, simply email

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

You are locked into your subscription for two delivery schedules. If you want to change it, please email us at If your order has already been processed and sent, we can’t make amendments. If you want to return your products due to change of mind, you will need pay for postage as per our return terms and conditions.

I am getting an error message asking me for my address even though all of my details on the checkout page are correct. Help! 

Yes, the system doesn’t allow more than one delivery time (ie. one-off, and monthly) in the same transaction so you will need to separate them. If you want two orders merged together, email us at and we can help.

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