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It’s time to break up with added fragrance.

No sneezes, puffy faces, itchy skin, please.

We know, that strawberry-shortcake body scrub is sitting in the corner of your shower looking at you like “but I smell like treaaaats” we hear it too (not really, but you get the point).

Added fragrances are one of those things we take as a given in our skincare routine, they’re in everything. But for us sensitive-skin folk it doesn’t matter if they’re natural or not, if a product smells great, it’s probably going to make us itch (a lot).

It might seem frustrating at first but here at the Yours Only office, we don’t get down on our skin for not liking certain ingredients. So here are some of the uncomplicated reasons skincare with no added fragrance is going to make you happier than that strawberry-scrub could ever dream of.

Why should I say goodbye?
It’s pretty well known among skincare experts (that’s us) that both natural and synthetic fragrance components are bad for your skin, full stop. They’re usually made from sensitising ingredients and are actually one of the most common causes for negative skin reactions.
Cosmetic companies know that adding a fresh-linen or cotton candy smell is a quick and easy marketing tactic that will convince you to buy, and they’re right. Who wouldn’t want to smell like they’re dancing through a field of flowers every time they have a shower?

Our main point is: Fragrances simply aren’t necessary if you’ve got nothing to hide (see: us) so why include them if they’re likely to have long-term damage on your skin and your nose.


A lot of fragrances are usually made from sensitising ingredients and are actually one of the most common causes for negative skin reactions and allergies.



But I don’t have sensitive skin?
We’re so happy to hear that (seriously) but in short, it doesn’t matter. In longer terms, here are a few reasons why products with no added fragrances are still the best.

They’re fail proof
Human skin is sensitive by nature, washing our bodies with lathered up cookie-dough soap is certainly a new idea. The problem often comes when those smelly ingredients are getting rubbed all over our nooks and crannies (sorry, it’s true) causing a build-up to a reaction waiting to happen. Sure you might get lucky and never react to a tasty smelling shower gel, but just be mindful of where you’re spreading that product (and the effect it can have on your extra-sensitive areas).

They won’t start a fight
Google “best skincare ever” right now, go on we dare you. Look at what comes up. We’re seeing lots of active ingredients retinol and vitamin C are just a couple of popular ones right now. These chemicals can transform your skin in a mere matter of weeks, and for good reason (they’re super strong). So what happens when you mix too many chemicals? That’s right, a chemical reaction. Layering too many ingredients can cause dramas no matter how non-sensitive of a human you may be. So choosing a moisturiser to top off your routine that has no added triggers is probably a good idea. (Plug: COAT is what we’d recommend. Plus you can use it on your face too).

So that’s our spiel, next time you’re giving every shower gel in the skincare aisle a sniff remember this blog post and pick up a skin-lovin’ super soothing version instead. Convinced? We’ve got a range you’re gonna LOVE!