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Allergy Proof

Meet Ashli Templer, the host of Allergy Proof® and founder of Yours Only®

For the first ever episode of Allergy Proof™, our founder Ashli Templer invited her friend Alyce Greer to interview her. 

It’s me! I have bought along my dear friend Alyce Greer, founder of Bossy. Copywriting to interview me to deep dive into my health journey, with all of its twists and turns. Alyce and I have been friends for over ten years, so you’ll hear a lot about the fun things we’ve been up to together, my diagnosis with Hashimoto’s disease, allergies, ongoing health issues and how I came to create Yours Only®.

Ash x


Here’s a summary of what we spoke about:

  • Where my health journey started (spoiler alert, since day dot)
  • What I was like as a kid
  • If I was alway destined to own my own biz
  • What I studied at Uni
  • My journey living in New York when I was 21
  • My transition into the social media space
  • My (always) crazy work schedule
  • A day In the life of me – including my social media agency Pep Creative and Yours Only®
  • My never ending health journey
  • How I am feeling now and what my diet consists of
  • How I came to start Yours Only® and my vision
  • And more!

“I thought, do I sit there and be really sad about it, or do I do something about it. There’s gotta be other people with the same health issues that can talk to people about it.”


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