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CLEAN: One product, three uses.

Uncomplicate your skincare routine with a three-in-one cleanser for your face, body and hair, made for those with hypersensitive skin.

Have you ever looked at your beauty shelf and felt overwhelmed by the choices? Every cute branded, fancy-worded and colour-coded bottle, designed for one area and one purpose. With every new product, comes the hope that this one will turn our many skin woes into triumphs.

Not only is decision fatigue a real thing (look it up) but too many products at one time on the skin can actually be counterproductive. You see, a lot of products don’t complement each other as nicely as their packaging does. Worse still, if you’re prone to sensitivity or allergies like a lot of us, then achieving squeaky clean skin is not as easy as it sounds.

Half the fun of good beauty products is getting excited about them. And what’s more exciting than a three-in-one? Maybe a three-in-one that keeps skin tantrums at bay AND looks good on your bathroom sink? Cue CLEAN, a genius product for your face, body, and hair. An Australian made, multi-purpose wash that cleanses and nourishes, CLEAN is formulated for hypersensitivity with no added nasties like parabens or sulfates. Oh, and did we mention it’s cruelty-free with recyclable packaging?

Body cleanser, obviously.

Designed to lather all over, with no risk of drying out the skin, CLEAN is the ideal way to end a long day. Without the commitment of a ten-step self-care routine, all you have to do is hop into that soothing shower, (making sure the water is not too hot or you’ll hurt your cute, sensitive skin) and massage in 1-2 pumps. While you let CLEAN do its thing, sing yourself a poppy song to pass the time. We recommend Somebody That You Used To Know by Gotye, in ode to all the old products you don’t need on your shelf anymore. Rinse thoroughly and voila. CLEAN locks in moisture leaving your lucky skin juicy and happy.

Half the fun of good beauty products is getting excited about them. And what’s more exciting than a three-in-one? Maybe a three-in-one that keeps skin tantrums at bay AND looks good on your bathroom sink?


Surprise! It’s a face wash, too.

A hot tip straight from our founder Ashli: CLEAN can be used morning and night as a face cleanser. Dermatologically tested, CLEAN will leave you feeling polished and pampered when you massage 1-2 pumps into damp skin. If you’re using it for the very first time (welcome!) we recommend that you start small, as every face is different and there’s plenty of time to up the ante later. If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can use a cleansing cloth, which will zhoosh up this step and make for a thorough cleanse. We must warn you, your eyes will not forgive you if you get CLEAN in them, even if it’s just a lil, so be cautious of any rogue product.

Yep, and shampoo. Serious.

With your body and face both thoroughly quenched, you’ll want to round out this easy self-care shower-sesh with a hair wash. Luckily, CLEAN is all about the big picture and functions as a shampoo, too. Apply to wet hair and massage into the scalp. And don’t forget: we always double shampoo.

CLEAN is fragrance-free because we think it’s more important to feel good than to smell like strawberries. So sue us. You can also say cya to those pesky fragrance-inducing headaches us sensitive ones suffer from. CLEAN has nothing to hide, with no added parabens, silicons, sulfates, salicylates, biogenic amines, gluten, nuts, soy, triclosan, mineral oils, petrolatum, colourants, and animal-derived products. If parabens and sulfates are brand new words to you, take a lesson here.

Use it every day for a low-maintenance beauty routine

Come for the 3-in-1 use but stay for the results. No need to clutter your beauty shelf for the aesthetic. With just one bottle of CLEAN, you can nourish and cleanse your body, face, and hair.

We understand that hypersensitive skin types can be left out of the skincare game, so we thought it was time to level up with a very cool, very honest product that only wants the best for you, not to change you. Your new health and beauty hero, fighting one skincare tantrum at a time.