Ricki-Lee deals with psoriasis from head to toe. When she switched to Yours Only COAT, she reduced her alcohol, sugar + stress load and found herself with less itchy patches. It’s an ongoing battle for her, however, we’ve been getting her to trial our new products in development

When Ramona DM’d us desperate to find a solution for her daughters eczema we suggested COAT. A week later she wrote back “This morning when I looked at her legs while she was sleeping I wanted to cry, I’ve never seen her so clear, not since she was a baby”

Don’t upset the skin. It’s sensitive.

In a fantasy land far away, we don’t have allergies. There are no hives, there are no rashes, there are no itchy eyes or scaly skin patches. For some (our community), that’s not achievable. We own our red patches and itchy spots as it tells our story. We’re always connecting with our customers and seeing some incredible results across eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and flare ups.

We will never claim to rid your skin condition, but we do a pretty bloody good job at improving your life, confidence and bathroom #shelfie.

People used to tell Alex her body eczema looked like ringworm (so mean). She's dabbled in using steroids and lots of various creams to soothe her itchy skin. After experimenting with putting MASK on it just for funsies, her skin finally said thank you. Soothed, flake free skin. Amazing. ”

Ashlee was experiencing perioral dermatitis for the first time ever and trialed products suggested by a specialist, which flared her up even more. She switched to CLEAN and nourished with COAT and never looked back.

Marns is our number one customer from New Zealand. She has a salicylate intolerance (like our founder), and flares up often. It’s pretty hard to find products made without salicylates so once she found Yours Only, she made the switch to CLEAN + COAT and her skin thanked her.

Our founder Ashli flared up with perioral dermatitis when COVID hit. The weather was cold, masks were mandatory and she was using the wrong lip balms. A sensitive skin disaster tbh. She started to develop BALM off the back of her experience and bam, flare be gone.

Naomi's scalp, hand and foot psoriasis was out of control — it had been 25 years since it popped up (how annoying). Fast forward to two applications of MASK, she said it knocked the socks off of everything else she's tried. Literally.

Eczema flare-ups on your bub are stressful. Bek said it only took two days with COAT for her daughter to go from red and inflamed to smooth and cry free. No joke. She slept through the night without a fuss.

Bobbie is a psoriasis warrior who’s tried everything on her scaly patches. After one use of COAT, she said it was made for her. Bobbie’s focusing on what’s shes eating and reducing her dairy, red meat and nightshade vegetables.

Ellie tried EVERYTHING from gut cleanses to antibiotics and nothing helped clear up her dermatitis. Cue COAT morning and night, and she left us a 5-star review. Ellie saw results within a day – this before and after is a few weeks apart.

Saskia's perioral dermatitis came out of nowhere (the annoying, where did you come from kind). She persisted and swapped to the BALM Bundle, paired with lukewarm water — the key when going through a flare. Her skin has finally decided to chill.

Rebecca's hands were having a never-ending tantrum. Being a hairdresser touching chemicals all day sure didn't help. In came gloves, and COAT, and the rest was history. She told us she feels like a million dollars. What a win.

Jorja was diagnosed with eczema as little baby, after being born in the back of a car (long story). While going through TSW she found CLEAN, the Yours Only community, and sweet relief. Topical steroid withdrawal is no joke, and should be treated with the help of a (good) doctor.

Jessica says she tried 20 diff skincare ranges on her perioral dermatitis before giving the BALM Bundle a go. PD is a tough one as there are so many causes, one being using too many ingredients. Just three weeks later, she was a happy gal.

Caity struggled with undiagnosed psoriasis for years and years. Then, to top it off, she found out she got hit with the coeliac disease stick, followed by a long journey with topical steroid withdrawal. She's a tough cookie. After finding us, her system is finally happy.

Christine didn't know a simple beauty procedure like dying her brows would flare up her dermatitis to the next level. Two years later, she found her match in CLEAN + COAT. She says her skin's never felt so soothed. We'll take it.

Brooke's scalp psoriasis put her through the ringer. When developing MASK, Brooke was the star community member to test it before we gave it the tick of approval. Now her scalp feels calm with less flakes, along with the rest of our communities noggins.

Tim got the ye' old case of beard rash AKA dermatitis. He decided to strip back his skincare routine and give CLEAN + COAT a go (coz we're for guys, too). Only a few days later, his skin was already starting to feel less angry, and itchy.

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