A guide to getting off the couch, eating well and staying sane this winter.

We’re dedicating this e-mag to those who have dramatic bodies, tired brains, and want to be healthy – yet don’t know where to start. We’ve spent months collaborating with the best health and wellness experts in Aus to simplify everything you need to know. We’re all about making our lives healthier and easier. It doesn’t mean being active 24/7; it’s about prioritising, including a lazy Sunday each week, just because you deserve it.

Sneak peek of our warm winter flow with Jess Cadou.

Simply Dramatic

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Introducing Simply Dramatic, an e-mag by Yours Only®. Inspired by our founders current health journey of healing, this 74 page magazine explores all areas of our lives, with how to tackle winter, one day at a time. We hand picked 8 Aussie women who are passionate about what they do to guide you on the right path.

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★ Chloe McLeod: Dietitian
★ Sarah Bradshaw: Naturopath and recipe queen
★ Aleeya Hachem: Sexologist
★ Jessica Allen: Psychologist
★ Hollie Azzopardi: Mind, body and soul mentor
★ Ashli Templer: Founder of Yours Only
★ Jaclyn Cave: Naturopath
★ Jessamine Cadou: Barre instructor
★ Carissa Smart: Communications designer

★ Winter eating by a dietitian
★ 8 recipes to keep you nourished

★ Sexual empowerment and pleasure by a sexologist

★ Connecting to your values by a psychologist
★ Sending love to self by a mind, body and soul mentor

★ Winter skincare school by Yours Only’s founder
★ Supporting your skin from the inside out by a naturopath

★ At home warming flow by a barre instructor
★ A guide to being more organised by a communications designer

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Grab a cup of whatever satisfies your tastebuds, put your feet up, and spend some time learning how you can fuel your dramatic body from the inside out on your phone, ipad / tablet, laptop or desktop.

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Why an e-mag?

This year our founder Ashli Templer was diagnosed with CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome), which came from exposure to mould and biotoxins throughout her life. It took years and years of ups and downs, including being diagnosed with Epstein-Barr, fructose malabsorption, Hashimoto’s disease, coeliac disease, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and salicylate and amine intolerances to name a few (or a lot, but who’s counting). A few of these were clear signs of CIRS, where her intolerances and symptoms got progressively worse as she got older. Now that she knows what’s going on inside her body, there’s a long healing process, with a light at the end of the tunnel AKA maybe a glass of wine. The Yours Only community is growing with so many women going through similar health journeys with little to no support. She wanted to create this e-mag to support others, motivated or not with a toolbox of how to stay healthy (and sane) this winter.

Is it for you?

We’re not here to tell you to be 100% on track ALL the time. Simply Dramatic slots nicely into your very busy life, with wonderful ways to reframe your thoughts. If you’re currently in a slump on the couch thinking “What will I cook for dinner”, we have a nice shopping list of what’s in season, with some delish tried and tested recipes that anyone can make. Each contributor is here to give you the facts, plus the tools to nail winter. It’s up to you to what you want to implement, coz at the end of the day you do you.

Join the conversation

If you’re going through your own health journey, we’re here for you. We’ve seen and heard it all, so nothing’s too OTT for us. We share a lot of stories on our podcast Allergy Proof®, and on our Instagram – let’s chat there. Or, if you’ve bought the e-mag and wanna tell us about how it’s helped you, we’ll never say no to hearing your praises.

Heads up.

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