Chloe Mcleod – Food chemical intolerance with an Accredited Dietician
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Chloe Mcleod – Food chemical intolerance with an Accredited Dietician

Chloe Mcleod is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Advanced Sports Dietitian, who is our founder, Ashli’s dietician. She’s a very, very knowledgable and personable human who helps people across sport, performance and gut health. She’s played a veryyyy big part in Ashli’s health journey AND led her in the right direction, which is when the idea of Yours Only® came to fruition.

Chloe is a new Mumma, so is juggling a lot atm. She’s the co-owner of Health & Performance Collective, a nutrition consultancy where she guides elite Australian sports teams, international corporations and individual clients. If you can’t get a one-on-one consult with Chloe, you can work with someone in her team, and get justtttt as gooda service.

And to top it off, she has also founded the online program, ‘The FODMAP Challenge’ – the original online course for helping individuals determine their triggers of IBS. We’re tired just thinking about how much of a busy bee she is.

You might have seen her shining face on Instagram at @chloe_mcleod_dietician or in various publications like Women’s Health and Body & Soul. She always shares her wisdom on how eating the right foods can change the quality of your life.

Here’s a summary of what we spoke about:

  • All about what’s involved with being an Accredited Dietician
  • How Chloe had her own intolerances growing up, and how this guided her career
  • Her journey from growing up in the country of SA, to moving to Melbourne, then Sydney
  • Her life since becoming a Mumma
  • Chloe’s journey with our founder Ash and how she diagnosed her with a food chemical intolerance
  • Understanding what a food chemical intolerance is
  • The symptoms and how common it is among her clients
  • What foods to cut out when diagnosed
  • The correlation with FODMAPs
  • How this diet inspired Ashli to start Yours Only®
  • Why being selecting with your skincare is important when you’re sensitive
  • Advice on how to manage unresolved symptoms
  • Tips to manage flare ups with a busy schedule
  • And more!

“When working with individuals, it’s not just going ‘oh well, this person’s got this food intolerance, so we’ll put you in that box’. It’s about looking at all the different things that are going on in their life.”

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