Tips to soothe your skin in hot weather.
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Tips to soothe your skin in hot weather.


Is the heat p*ssing off your skin?

Kinda wish we could just tell it to stop overreacting. Makes it hard to sip on a pool-side mocktail when your skin is screamingggg to be itched.

Change in season is a huge irritant. When we polled our community, they said it affected them in these different ways: 

  • Cold weather: causing cracked, dry skin. 
  • Hot weather: heat rash becomes a thing.
  • Dry heat: we're talking about you, Melbourne. The itch is crazy.
  • Humidity: skin laps up the weather, especially in places like Brisbane.

TLDR: Skin is bloody dramatic, and hard to control. 

Here’s a few ways you can help keep your skin from flaring in hot weather:  


1. Take off your makeup — properly. 

Yes, we’re looking at you. No sleeping in your foundation, got it? 

Not only will it flare up your face, but adding sweat from the heat into the mix is a recipe for disaster. Use CLEAN as a fragrance-free, non-comedogenic face cleanser.

2. Keep skincare in the fridge. 

A cool moisturiser after a long day? Yes please. Keep MASK, our rich moisturising scalp and body mask, in the fridge.

Apply after a big day out when your skin is feeling dry and flare-y. Instant relief.


3. Wear your SPF.

We don’t need to elaborate here. SPF is SO important. Find one that works for your sensitive skin, and stick to it. All year round. 


4. Rinse off after the beach + pool. 

Oh man. We asked the community what the deal was with swimming and eczema, and we learnt a lot. 

- Swimming in a chlorinated pool? Rinse off ASAP.

- Find the beach and it helps your flares? go for your life.

- If not, bring a bottle of fresh water to rinse off the saltwater immediately. 

Don’t forget to replenish with a moisturiser like COAT and an illusive layer like BALM after.


5. Find the right materials. 

For sheets, try something breathable like linen. It helps keep out dust mites, too. 

For clothing, linen is a winner again. Our friend Jorja, a community member and eczema warrior who’s dealt with flare ups her whole life, loves wearing bamboo clothes to help keep her skin cool.


6. Stay cool. 

Sure, you’re thinking ‘duh’, but it’s true. Try and keep cool if you can. If you find your skin dries out from the aircon, ramp up the use of COAT and BALM. 

7. Keep moisturising. 

We know it's tempting, but don't skip body moisturiser this summer. Trust us.

Shower (with lukewarm water if you’re flaring), and wait 15 mins til the skin is completely cool. Then lather on COAT.