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Pstt! MASK is the exact same formulation as SCALP. It now has a fancy new name and comes in a 500mL size.

Flaky scalp? We get it. This bundle is designed to lift flakes and gently nourish the scalp. Use MASK as a scalp, body and hair mask, and CLEAN as a shampoo, face and body cleanser. Our products are multi-purposeful because we like to make lives easier.

CLEAN Hair, Face + Body Cleanser gently lathers up, cleans deep and nourishes. It’s a hydrating alternative to dehydrating soap and shampoos, made especially for dramatic skin. You shouldn’t have to watch out for skin tantrums post-shower. There are so many better things to do, like watch TV. Use me on your body, face, or hair. Yep, it’s even a shampoo, coz we’re clever like that.

MASK is your go-to when flakes are living rent-free on your head, and body. A super gentle and nourishing formula that’s left in overnight to calm the skin and lift flakes. You can use it from head to toe — scalp, face, arms, and legs, or any dramatic areas that need a glow-up.

For those with scalp concerns, MASK teams up best with CLEAN and SLEEK for a healthy, nourished head of hair.

A clean regime for the hypersensitive.

It’s Yours Only®. Sometimes theirs. The Yours Only Body Collection has been developed for people who suffer from sensitive skin and pesky intolerances, to give dry-to-extra-dry skin a much-needed drink, without the drama.

Our world deserves to be happy too.

Our boxes, cards, stickers and inserts are FSC certified, which means they were produced from eco-friendly certified trees, ensuring the environment and communities were protected during the process. Plus, everything you get from us is recyclable (besides the pump). So, please do your bit once you’ve finished using our products.


We considered all allergies, intolerances, skin conditions and auto-immune diseases when developing our products. Ingredients were thoroughly researched, tested, tweaked and tested again and again. This cleanser has as much — if not more — power than your regular soap. Why? We’ve excluded ingredients that strip and irritate the skin and added soothing ones that nourish and protect.

Feel good

By purchasing Yours Only® you’re not only improving your daily routine, but donating to allergy research, too. We’re passionate about finding more answers about these pesky allergies, intolerances and auto immune conditions, which is why we’re donating 50c from each bottle sold to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, Australia.

Our commitment

Sustainability is just as important to us as preventing a breakout in hives, which is why our packing is made from 80% recycled materials and bottles 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials. Oh, and did we mention we’re made in Australia? We’re committed to staying local and producing our products in Melbourne.