Anthea – fibromyalgia
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Anthea – fibromyalgia

Always tired, achy, a little depressed, and a bit moody. Let customer Anthea Counsel tell you about her experience with fibromyalgia.

Meet Anthea. She suffers from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and depression. She used to have major dermatitis flare ups, but we sorted that out.

Fibromyalgia affects around 2% of the Australian population. (Well, the diagnosed). It’s a disorder characterised by widespread musculoskeletal pain with the main symptoms being bone pain, fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. But, it’s soooo much more than that.

I interviewed Anthea on her experience from working a 9-5 (which was actually a 24hour a day) job, being a full time uni student, plus the rest, to now working a couple of hours a day as a Pilates instructor. Her body was trying to tell her to slow down, and lockdown has been a blessing for her as now she’s flipped her life around and is managing her fibro like a champ.
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“It’s such a mental game. Your body tries to trick you that you’re worse than you actually are."

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Her body was telling her to slow down with a major dermatitis flare-up that would not go away. Here’s her before and after from using CLEAN + COAT.