Brooke Schiller – SIBO, explained by a naturopath
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Brooke Schiller – SIBO, explained by a naturopath

Our founder Ashli has been diagnosed with SIBO, and we have a naturopath here to explain exactly what it is.

I mentioned last week about how I think I have mould illness, which has most likely caused my recent SIBO diagnosis. As I am not a specialist in this space, and SIBO is so bloody confusing, I thought I would get on the amazing Brooke Schiller to tell you about it.  She is a degree-qualified naturopath and clinical nutritionist, with a passion for digestive wellness. She currently works in Hälsa Health in Surry Hills, and Nimbus & Co in Bondi and her motivator is that she gets to guide people to better health. As a heads up, she is not my naturopath, and her treatment plan for SIBO is different to mine, so if you are wanting some advice on how to treat your SIBO, it’s best to find a practitioner that will tailor their approach for you. I hope this episode helps you better understand SIBO, and maybe even give you some answers if you’ve been in a similar boat to me.

Ash x

Here’s a summary of what we spoke about:

  • What Brooke was like growing up, and how she started working in a corporate job before discovering health
  • The day-to-day life of a naturopath
  • Her definition of SIBO
  • How to spot the symptoms of SIBO
  • Her SIBO treatment plan
  • Various contributors to SIBO and other gastrointestinal issues
  • Advice on how to manage unresolved symptoms
  • Tips to manage flare ups with a busy schedule
  • And more!

“SIBO stands for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth”

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