Caroline Groth – Overcoming an eating disorder and healing the gut
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Caroline Groth – Overcoming an eating disorder and healing the gut

It’s a gene you develop over what you have been through.

In this week’s episode I chatted to the lovely Caroline Groth, a spiritual soul who moved to Bondi from Denmark over 11 years ago. She is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a solo-entrepreneur with a very long winded health journey. She so generously opened  about her eating disorder, and long winded health journey. She has been through a lot and is here to discuss her eating disorder, how it has affected her life, and her ongoing gut issues.

Here’s a summary of what we spoke about:

  • What Caroline was like growing up, and how she was always a hard-working woman
  • Her health journey from childhood until now
  • Her journey with her eating disorder
  • Her current health struggles and the process of gut healing
  • Her spiritual beliefs
  • Caroline’s experience with SIBO and her treatment plan
  • Advice on how to manage unresolved symptoms
  • Tips to manage flare ups with a busy schedule
  • And more!

“Eating disorders affects you emotionally, spiritually and physically. It absolutely crushes you”

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