Kate James – How you can change your thinking, to improve your quality of life.
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Kate James – How you can change your thinking, to improve your quality of life.

When you know your values, it helps reframe how you think about specific moments in life, to bring stress-free, happy thoughts.

Kate James is an author, coach, and mindfulness teacher who helps her clients create purposeful and meaningful lives. I just finished reading her new book, “Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life”, and it’s been a real eye-opener for me. You can tell by listening to this episode that Kate has come from a background of trying to find her passion in life, and once she found it, she’s been able to help others too. If you’re living a bit of a stress-filled life, this one is for you.

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Here’s a summary of what we spoke about:

  • What Kate was like growing up, and how it took some time to find her purpose
  • Her career path from high school to becoming a coach and best selling author
  • Her definition of stress
  • How we can reframe our mind to be more positive
  • How she helps her clients with stress
  • Outtakes from her book “Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life”
  • Advice on how to manage unresolved symptoms
  • Tips to manage flare ups with a busy schedule
  • And more!

“Most creatives feel their work is not good enough, and often compare themselves to others. We need to stop that.”

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