Lisa – multiple chemical sensitivity
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Lisa – multiple chemical sensitivity

Migraines, digestive issues, swollen face, itchy skin, cognitive impairment and asthma attacks. All symptoms of being exposed to chemicals most of us can tolerate.

Meet Lisa. She deals with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and food intolerances, and never had a nice bathroom experience until she was in her 30’s.

Chemical sensitivity affects 1 in 5 (18.9%) of Australians, with more than one-third (6.5%) medically diagnosed with MSC. It’s a serious disease that is often caused and worsened by exposure to pesticides, solvents, new building materials and fragranced items. Even low-level exposure can inflict a range of adverse health effects such as migraines, breathing difficulties, cognitive impairment, seizures and asthma attacks.

On top of this, Lisa suffers from a lot of food chemical intolerances, specifically oxalates and a lot of wild health issues. This interview will make your jaw drop, and also have so much admiration for Lisa. She hasn’t been able to work full time for years and is now on a path to healing.

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“We need to get a diagnosis earlier, because otherwise it can turn into distorted eating and people will overlook the actual issue.“

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Lisa is now on a healing journey around the sun, beach and a mould free home.