Maddie – eczema
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Maddie – eczema

Red, dry, itchy and scaly skin, we’re all familiar with eczema, but do we really know how debilitating it is? Let Maddie tell you.

Meet Maddie. She deals with acne and eczema (which we look to soothe), and has had a taste of depression and glandular fever in her time.

Eczema affects around 1 in 3 kids, and over 1 million Aussies. It causes skin to go red, dry, itchy and scaly, and in severe cases, may weep, bleed and crust over, causing a lot of discomfort. The best part? It can pop up for no reason at all. It’s not life threatening, but it can be debilitating for some people – it affects what you wear, how you sleep, your relationships and of course your self-esteem.

I interviewed Maddie on her experience of having eczema from as early as she could remember, to still having flare ups in her 20’s where’s its itchy and irritating as hell. She has such a positive view on her eczema, as she’s learnt to embrace her spots with a good protocol to mange flare ups.

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“You hear the same thing over and over again. Cut out dairy and everything will be fine. There’s so much more to this condition than you realise."

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Maddie likes to keep her eczema at bay with a strict routine, including CLEAN + COAT.