Millie Padula – How to get glowing skin from an accredited Dietician
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Millie Padula – How to get glowing skin from an accredited Dietician

Glowing skin isn’t just about skincare, it’s diet too.

In this week’s episode we chatted to the lovely Millie from Dietician Edition. She is a Melbourne-based Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Nutritionist and Founder of Nutrition Consultancy company Dietitian Edition. If you are following the Yours Only Instagram, you would have seen us reshare some stories featuring Millie where she shows the world how she is using CLEAN and COAT. This episode touches on the importance of skin health from what you eat, to what you’re putting on your body, which is something we’re so so passionate about.

Here’s a summary of what we spoke about:

  • What Millie was like growing up, and how she got into dietetics
  • Her journey to where she is now, where she consults with lots of health and wellness based companies
  • The importance of skin health
  • If you can control symptoms like eczema, hives and pimples through your diet
  • What foods trigger breakouts
  • Her recommendations on what foods to eat for glowing skin
  • The balance between synthetic and natural ingredients in skincare
  • Symptoms of using skincare that you’re intolerant too
  • What we should be avoiding in skincare
  • Advice on how to manage unresolved symptoms
  • Tips to manage flare ups with a busy schedule
  • And more!

“The outer layer of our skin is constantly being shed and replaced by new cells and these new cells are essentially the result of the foods we eat or the broken down compounds of foods we eat”

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